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Duty of Care Today: Reducing Risk Tomorrow

Intrinsic Anticipate Services aim to mitigate risk and assist the client’s decision-making processes at pre-travel planning and advice stages.

With the continuous increase in globalisation and world trade, the number of employees required to travel or work abroad has grown exponentially. As a consequence, legislation requires employers to assume responsibility for the wellbeing of their mobile workforce by identifying potential threats and minimising the risk. It recommends that employers have the ability to demonstrate detailed emergency and risk management plans.

Intrinsic can provide full security and medical reviews for all forms of domestic and foreign operations, and specific risk advice ahead of travel or operational deployment. Intrinsic can provide intelligence and reporting on a country/destination/journey, advice regarding risk mitigation measures, and then the services themselves: for example Situational Awareness Training, travel tracking or close protection.

Intrinsic’s intelligence division uses both protected and open source reporting to produce a range of high-grade risk advisory products that enable clients to protect themselves, their people and their businesses against the whole threat spectrum. Subscribers to Intrinsic can call for travel risk advice when required.

Intrinsic intelligence reporting focuses on the client’s exact requirements and includes assessment of risk levels for specific city, country, port, event, operation, journey or requirement in relation to crime, terrorism, environmental, health, maritime, piracy, armed conflict, civil and political instability and unrest. Analysis of available intelligence sources will highlight key threats and provide recommendations to help reduce these threats.

Examples of Intrinsic Intelligence & Reporting include:

  • Intelligence Alerts & Daily/Weekly/Monthly Summary Reports
  • Incident Summary Reporting
  • Bespoke & Client Specific Reporting
  • Country Risk Reports
  • Journey Itinerary Report
  • Major Event Reporting

Assessment of risk levels in relation to Crime, Terrorism, Environmental, Health, Maritime, Piracy, Armed Conflict, Civil Unrest and Political. Analysis of available intelligence sources will highlight key threats.

Examples of Risk Assessments include:

  • Protective Security Surveys on Assets and Facilities
  • Country/Destination/Journey Specific Risk Assessment
  • Medical & Evacuation Pre-Deployment Reports

Unlike other risk assessment products, our Pre-Deployment Reports uniquely focus on the health infrastructure, resources and medical services available in the targeted location. In addition they report on the feasibility and logistics of any air, water and land medical transfers.

Intrinsic comprehensive training packages are run by highly trained professionals with specific knowledge and practical expertise. Courses can be tailored to client destinations, risk and requirements. Intrinsic training courses include:

Intrinsic comprehensive and adaptable Kidnap & Ransom (K&R) training packages cover the various types of kidnappings wherever they occur in the world including:

  • Conventional Criminally Motivated Kidnappings
  • Tiger Kidnappings
  • Vessel Hijackings
  • Terrorist / Politically Motivated Kidnappings
  • Blackmail
  • Product contamination without an extortion demand, e.g. disgruntled staff or extremist related
  • Contamination with an extortion demand (conventional commercial extortion)

Intrinsic K&R Training Courses:

  • Kidnap & Ransom Response
  • Kidnap & Ransom Situational Awareness
  • Kidnap & Ransom Victim Communicator

Intrinsic Travel Security & Situational Awareness training courses are designed for a range of travellers and destinations. From Basic Travel Awareness for locations not associated with instability, to HEAT designed for risk-associated, insecure or potentially hostile environments. Blended learning options from classroom to practical scenarios. Intrinsic’s training courses can be tailored to client destinations, risks and requirements.

Intrinsic Travel Security & Situational Awareness Training Courses:

  • Basic Travel Awareness
  • Advanced Travel Awareness
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) - bespoke options one to four days
  • Lone Traveller

Intrinsic Medical training courses provide essential lifesaving skills tailored to the workplace, whether an office environment or a remote environment requiring more advanced knowledge.

Intrinsic Medical Training Courses:

  • First Aid at Work
  • First Aid at Work Requalification
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • First Person on Scene Intermediate
  • First Person on Scene Requalification
  • Basic Life Support