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Intrinsic: IN Safe Hands

The Intrinsic Medical and Security Platform is an intuitive yet simple display, providing an accurate gauge of what life is really like on the ground overseas, with detailed real-time intelligence and situational awareness. The technology provides location-based monitoring and asset tracking. The Intrinsic team can proactively monitor personnel and assets globally 24/7 - constantly examining vicinity risks.

Complementing the Intrinsic travel risk management platform are Intrinsic 'Protect' services, including; Medical and Security Consultancy, Journey Management and Close Protection Services. See the INtrinisic Global Case Studies Map for recent examples of our ‘Protect’ services.

The UK based Intrinsic response team can proactively monitor and constantly examine vicinity risks. The Intrinsic Medical and Security Platform provides:

  • Proactive Monitoring - The UK based Intrinsic team can pro-actively monitor and continuously examine risks in relation to personnel and asset location
  • Locate your personnel when you need to
  • Check-In Function – Allows users to share their location through their smartphone to pre-designated user groups and company management
  • Peer to Peer SOS Functionality – Alert fellow travellers and security managers to potential issues and periods of heightened risk
  • Raise an Alert – As events unfold, make colleagues aware of the latest developments by raising your own alert direct from your smartphone handset
  • Monitor threats in relation to the location of your assets
  • Ability to tailor system to monitor assets, including buildings, vehicles and equipment
  • Overlay your global offices and asset locations.
  • Global Vessel Monitoring – provided through our integrated ExactEarth AIS Vessel Tracking partner
  • Asset locations accessible straight to your smartphone handset and desktop
  • View detailed monitoring information to monitor your assets

Using a wide variety of privileged and open sources, the Intrinsic in-house Intelligence Division fuse information and provide security and medical alerts and Intrinsic bespoke reports. The Intrinsic Medical & Security Platform provides:

  • News and Social Media Alerts – Monitor global incidents prior to and during your travel on a 24/7 basis. Access to integrated Twitter and RSS feeds
  • Government Travel and NGO Health Advisories – Intrinsic Platform automates the dissemination of travel advisories direct from source
  • Intrinsic Intelligence Reporting – Access to bespoke intelligence reporting downloadable direct to desktop or compatible smartphone
  • Alerts Filtered and Categorised – Search for the information of relevance to you with a click of a button and by risk level
  • Geo-Located – View threats in map view in relation to your current position on your smartphone. Monitor threats in relation to your workforce locations
  • Report Creation – Easily create bespoke intelligence and information reports using the desktop application.
  • Monitor threats in relation to the location of your assets

Specialising in all elements of journey management, Intrinsic are experts in assessing and mitigating risks for clients in unpredictable, remote and austere environments. With operational experience across the globe, on land and sea, including some of the world’s most challenging environments – see our Global Case Studies Map for recent examples.

The end-to-end protective services combining pre travel training packages, journey management, intelligence reporting and global tracking software - all delivered with an intimate understanding of our client requirements and the specific environments they are operating in.

Examples of Journey Management services include;

  • Close Protection
  • Asset Protection
  • Risk Management & Consultancy
  • Embedded Advisory Services
  • Asset & Personnel Tracking
  • Travel Planning
  • Accompanied Travel
  • Training Services
  • Surveillance & Intelligence
    • Counter Surveillance
    • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Intrinsic risk consultancy services help companies to prepare for the unexpected, mitigate risks, keep staff safe and respond quickly and effectively in an emergency, 24/7. Operating as an extension of our client, we dovetail seamlessly into any existing QHSSE procedures. Intrinsic provide the expertise, unified support and services that enable our clients to operate with confidence, globally.

We can provide all types of security or medical consultancy specialisms. These deployments could be short term to deal with a specific issue or as an in-country long-term client solution.