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Press Release – New End to End Medical and Security Service


IntrinsicAn innovative travel risk management programme – Intrinsic – has been launched for Insurers and organisations sending employees abroad, providing a full range of medical and security services via a single contact point.

The Intrinsic programme aims to ensure that companies with employees overseas are able to prepare for the unexpected, to keep staff safe and to reduce travel risk in an emergency abroad. The product of a strategic partnership between CEGA, the global medical assistance and risk management providers, and Solace Global, the security specialists, it comprises comprehensive staff training, travel risk mitigation measures, usable technology, 24/7 response capabilities and post-event evaluation.

“Intrinsic gives organisations a single, on-going view of travel risk management, ensuring they can reduce exposure to risk before and during staff deployments overseas and manage medical and security emergencies centrally,” says CEGA’s Commercial Director, Jody Baker.

“By unifying the management of travel risk it aims to reduce the cost, trauma and delays often associated with a fragmented supply chain of medical and security providers.“

Simon Griffith, Managing Director of Solace Global, adds: “In recent times the world’s risk landscape has evolved, with threats on an unprecedented scale, including terror attacks across six continents, Ebola epidemics, and devastating natural disasters.

The reality of life on the ground means that, once an incident occurs, it can rapidly spiral out of control if the right advice is delayed or the wrong strategic decisions are made. By providing a single security and medical response service with the in-house skills to advise and react appropriately, Intrinsic presents one of the most exciting developments in responsible travel management.”

Interest in the new service is reported to be strong amongst a variety of organisations, including the oil and gas, maritime and NGO sectors.

Intrinsic will be displayed at Olympia’s Business Travel Show in London, on February 24th and 25th, at stand B251.

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Intrinsic’s comprehensive medical and security travel risk management programme comprises 4 robust stages: 

  1. Anticipate: Anticipation services aim to mitigate risk and assist the client’s decision-making processes. Pre travel security/medical planning, assessments and audits accompany travel, safety and medical training. Training packages are tailored to client destinations, risks and requirements, with over 20 courses available, including situational and medical awareness training, and kidnap and ransom response. 
  1. Protect: The Intrinsic medical and security platform is an intuitive yet simple display, providing an accurate gauge of what life is really like on the ground overseas, with detailed real-time intelligence and situational awareness. As well as global intelligence and information, the technology provides location-based monitoring and asset tracking. The Intrinsic team will proactively monitor personnel and assets globally 24/7, constantly examining vicinity risks. Services to complement this travel risk management platform include medical and security consultancy, journey management and close protection.
  1. Respond & Recover: 24 hour state-of-the-art UK response centres are at the heart of Intrinsic, providing a single service that manages all types of security and medical enquiries, from travel advice to emergency response and global medevac. Response and recovery actions include crisis management, remote medical services, kidnap and ransom deployment, evacuations and post event evaluation. 
  1. Strategic planning: Consistent planning and evaluation of travel risk programmes – working with you we will help you reduce long term risk and assess your existing programme ensuring that it is fully aligned with your future business objectives.

Intrinsic delivers a wide breadth of in-house expertise and capability, without the need for a long line of subcontractors. This incorporates:

  • In-house security and risk management expertise, including ex-special forces operators, law enforcement, kidnap and ransom specialists and military intelligence operatives.
  • In-house 24/7 UK medical centre with over 400 staff, including doctors, nurses and 21 global spoken languages.
  • In-house aircraft fleet available for worldwide security/medical deployment
  • Robust network of vetted in-country medical centres and security services in over 190 countries

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With over 40 years’ experience, Charles Taylor Assistance is one of the leading independent providers of global emergency assistance, risk management and claims management services. CEGA provides services to a blue-chip client base that includes many leading banks, insurance companies, government departments and other global brands.

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Solace Global protects our clients’ personnel and assets, securing their prosperity and reputations. Our approach to security services and commitment to setting industry standards attracts multinational companies, governmental agencies and high-net worth individuals from all over the world.

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